HIPAA Course

Join Us For A 30 Minute Discussion on HIPAA Compliance For Your Healthcare Organization

Thursday January 10th 
10 am EST 

During the discussion you will learn:


3 Strategies To Avoid Non-Compliance Fines

It’s not enough to understand the penalties for non-compliance; your staff needs to develop a strategy as well as regularly execute on that strategy if you want to prevent penalties and fines from ever happeneing.


How to Develop a HIPAA Risk Management Plan for 2019

HIPAA Compliance education is great; but developing a Risk Management Plan can provide actionable steps to reduce risk from ever ocurring, as well as manage that risk if it ever occurs.


Complimentary Audit & Action Plan for Your Organization

Eagle Eye offers free HIPAA Security Audits to our existing clients, and is currently offering a complimentary audit to course attendees. We will be with you step by step, through the entire audit to make sure your company is completely HIPAA compliant, and you know where any weaknesses in your network may lie.

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