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Month: September 2018

IT Consulting for Business and Healthcare

3 Easy Ways Your Practice Can Prevent Cyber-attacks

Just last summer, CNBC reported that 14 million US small businesses are at risk of being hacked. Yes, you read that right: 14 MILLION. That’s simply mind-boggling: 50% of small businesses in the US are vulnerable to cyber-attack. Consider the small business on your left and on your right. Chances are, one of them will fall victim to…
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How A Medical Managed Service Provider Can Change Your Practice Strategy

Every medical practice, small or large, has 3 basic levels of technology support needs. 1. Make sure it works – Every practice, from one Physician to forty, needs IT staff who are able to offer routine maintenance and support, including the updating of hardware and software, handling maintenance, and putting out daily fires. 2. Make…
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Why Your Practice Should Switch From IT to Managed Services

It’s a common question. Because most don’t see IT as an issue until it is one. When there is an IT problem, it is often overwhelming, overtaking every other aspect of your business.   That’s why we love the MSP model. As a managed IT services provider, we know the problems that you could be…
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